Digital Myths is a gaming and interactive entertainment developer specializing in bringing people together in the online digital space.

With extensive background in interactive gaming and extended reality (XR) development for PC, Console, and Mobile platforms, we create immersive online experiences that connect people in completely new ways of learning, entertaining, and social interaction.


Digital Myths is composed of talented developers across the full discipline range of art, animation, programming, design, audio, and production. We have worked across a wide range of the top titles and franchices in the game industry.

Call of Duty Destiny Doom Fifa God of War Mass Effect Need for Speed The Sims


Interactive Game Development

Composed of some of the most experienced and successful game developers in the business, Digital Myths can help with all your development needs:

• full game development

• hi-res ports or remakes

• support in all manner of creative and technical disciplines and project areas

Extended Reality (XR) Experience and Simulation Development

Based on our history of building shared online experiences for the interactive entertainment industry, Digital Myths can help leverage the emerging extended reality platforms through innovative new applications, products, and services.

Registered Developer

We are registered developers for the following platforms:


Digital Myths is a San Francisco and Los Angeles based developer.

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