Who We Are

Digital Myths is an interactive game and extended reality studio comprised of veteran developers from EA, Activision/Blizzard, Sony Interactive, and id Software, among others. With collective experience spanning decades, our team of key players has shipped millions of award-winning, trend-setting games, including Call of Duty, Diablo, Doom, Mass Effect, Fallout, Destiny, and many more.

Our focus is on creating immersive, emergent, social experiences and games that push the boundaries of technology and design. Whether it’s our own original IP or our work-for-hire services, we create digital entertainment for the connected, online era.

Capabilities and Services

  • Programming and Engineering

    • Development/porting over multiple platforms
    • Network services: server, backend, cloud, etc
    • Pipelines: Unreal, Unity, custom engines
  • Design, UI/UX & Audio

    • Gameplay: levels, systems, AI, mechanics
    • UI/UX: menu, heads-up display, web design
    • Narrative: worldbuilding, dialogue, character, story flow
    • Audio: sound FX, voice, music, interactive voice-triggered audio
  • Art and Animation

    • Art: high-fidelity characters, environments, props, objects
    • Visual effects: lighting, particles, materials, shaders, tech art
    • Animation: keyframe, mocap, rigging, tech animation
    • Concept art: 2D-3D models, storyboards, visual target
  • Production and QA Testing

    • Scheduling: evaluation, usability, test design
    • Triage: handling critical issues
    • QA: Game QA and TRC/TCR testing on all platforms
    • Certification: All console platforms
  • Cross-Device & Cross-Platform Development

    • PC, Console, Mobile
    • VR, AR, MR, XR
    • Multiuser, persistent, social, and online
    • 1st person, 3rd person, Top Down, Vehicle-based
    • FPS, RPG, Open World, Strategy, Racing, Stealth, Sim

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Extended Reality


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