Current Original IP Projects

The Curious Study of Dr. Blackwood

A virtual reality technology demo showcasing some of the unique interactions systems and features we have developed and experimented while prototyping for our supernatural adventure game, Project Spectral.

• Original technology and IP

• First person interactive VR tech demo

• Single Player VR experience

• Upcoming release on Steam in March/April 2019 for PC VR platforms

Project Spectral

Investigate the rise of ghostly activities as a team of supernatural detectives

• Spiritual Successor to Thief, Deus Ex, and System Shock

• First Person Stealth Adventure

• Multiplayer Coop and Single Player

• PC/Console

Project Salvage

Sci-Fi “Diablo” style game built around exploration, scavenging, and crafting.

• Spiritual Successor to Diablo and Starcraft

• Action RPG

• Multiplayer Coop and Single Player

• PC/Console

Work for Hire

Project Wide

Next-generation geospatial Mobile AR game, based on a major horror/suspense IP.

• License IP

• Mobile AR MMO – Google Maps API, ARCore

• Partners: Google, Samsung, Razer

• Platform: iOS, Android

Crow: The Legend

Multi-platform development for the award-winning VR Animation experience starring the voice talent of Oprah Winfrey, John Legend, Diego Luna, and Constance Wu.

• PC VR Port

• VR Animation

• Partners: Sony, Microsoft

• Platform: PSVR/PS4, WMR/Win 10


Digital Myths is a San Francisco and Los Angeles based developer.